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How to track my order online?

How do I check the status of my order?
You can check the progress of your order status online by clicking on "My Account" on the navigation bar at the top of the page logging in. your current orders and their status will be listed after logging in. for more detailed status, you can click on your "order number" on the your order list, We will email you updates regarding the status of your order including when your item ships and the estimated delivery date.

 Please note : After your order is placed from our online order system, you will receive an online order number and you can login anytime 24/7 to view the status of your order online. When your order is shipped, you will receive a shipment notification with a tracking number which you can use to conveniently track your order/parcel online. Please include Invoice number, Customer Number, Quote Number, Online Order Number or Waybill Number on any correspondence with Golden Barley

Now !! you can watching us online, watch us how to producing your order, our 32 live cctv cameras are linked to our server network through internet 24 Hour Recording, you can watch us from your computer via OUR internet Live CCTV cameras Online | Watch Our Production Line |  Watch us in Action online (32 CCTV Cameras Online at Our Factory in Ladysmith KZN South Africa- 24 Hour surveillance )

What Is the Process After an Order Placed
If you've placed an order with us and would like to know what stage it's at, you can do this very simply by logging into your account and clicking the 'order number' section. Within 'order status', you can opt to view any of the orders you've placed with us. Select the relevant order. Then, when you go into a particular order, you could be presented with one of a number of different messages, depending on the status of your order at that particular time. For example it could say; order placed/payment order packing/completed. Here's a more detailed explanation of what these different descriptions mean, in the order that you can expect to see them (if relevant of course)

This means that your order has been received successfully, (We have received your order, Your order is currently being processed for release to the factory floor. Once payment is received your order will be released for production.)

Awaiting Payment
Please would you kindly fax/email us the payment confirmation so that we can release your order into production.

Order Confirmed
We have received your Proof of Payment and will continue processing your order, and it will reflect on your account shortly., Your order status will be updated to "PAID" as soon as the payment is received.

Payment Received and Release your order into production / We have verified your order as you have settled your payment and our factory is busy preparing/producing your order at the moment

Order Producing (8 Working Days)
Your order is processing / preparing / producing / Casting at the moment.

Surface Processing (7 Working Days)
Your order is processing / preparing / producing at the moment.


Colour Coating (3 Working Days)
Your patio furniture is Colour Coating at the moment

Order Checking and Packing (2 Working Days)
Packing / package your order into the box(es)./ We are busy packing your furniture into box(es)


Dispatch Preparation (1 Working Day)
Your order is being packaged for delivery. Your order has been successfully processed and will be despatched shortly. Shipping information will follow!

At this stage the order has been sent for delivery. Your order has been signed over to the delivery company for shipment Your order has been shipped using Crosscape Express, and should be delivered within 3-5 working days. Within 24 hours, a link to track your order through the carrier's website will appear status of page (next to Estimated Delivery Date or Tracking Number ). Please note: it may take up to 3 business days (while the package is In Transit) before the carrier shows detailed tracking information on their website.

Complete Trace boxes parcels delivery online click here
Your order is Completed Production and order/parcel is shipped / Please track your order boxes delivery status after 3 to 10 hours when you receive tracking Number (Orders Despatch From Our Factory to your address 3 to 5 Working Days) View More

How to track parcel online during transit? Click here

Can't find your detailed order status? This may be because:

  • We need to finish processing your order.

  • You may have entered the wrong order number.

  • If you have paid by Cheque or wire transfer, We may not have received your payment yet* Please try again later.

  • Note! It can take up to 3 working days after you made your payment before we receive the money in our bank account and are able to process it.

  • All order status / order information will be uploaded to online order status system within 48 hours from date of order confirmed, It can take up to 48 hours for the data to transfer from our ordering system to the online status tool. As a result do not be alarmed if within this timescale no record is found, simply wait 48-72 hours and try again.

  • Expect Dispatch and Delivery Time : 25 Working days / Business Days From Date of Order. 

  • All Products are Flat-packed in boxes with assembling instructions and hardware provided.

  • Packing List and Invoice Will be Attached on the one of delivery Box.

  • Your detailed order status will be updated every 24 to 48 hours.

  • All delivers will be made during business hours, please make sure that someone will be available to receive it.

  • Exporter & Importer Customers : Your order will be shipped within 35 to 60 working days from date of Letter of Credit

  • Exporter & Importer Customers : Your Bill of Lading will be sent by our bank to your bank and Invoice, Packing List will send by our shipping agency.

  • Our Company Logo and Products are Registered For International Trademark, Patented and Copyright Reserved,

  • All PDF.files require that you have Adobe® Acrobat® Reader installed on your PC. You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your pc to be able to view and print PDF files.

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